Spray Dry Dehydration Line

spray dry

Von Felten SpA has been one of the first European company producing dehydrated tomato paste.
Since the 50s this product has been supplied to major European dry soup producers, but roller drums dehydration technology started showing technological limits, mainly on manufacturing standardization, even intra batch productions.

In the early 90s, Von Felten SpA, in cooperation with the main specialists of Spray Dry technology, Danish company Niro, installed a dehydration line for tomato paste, called Spray Dry, based on the well known atomisation process largely used in Milk Powder production.

Spray Dry method works by putting in contact a cloud of atomised tomato paste, with a hot dry air stream. Tomato particles release water contained, drying, then fall to bottom of tower, where, in a fluid bed are cooled, releasing the residual moisture, then packed in form of fine, homogeneous, powder. Product obtained shows peculiar typical colour, taste and flavour, highly reproducible lot by lot and stable during the time.