Super Hot Break Technology

Tomato paste and half concentrate can be manufactured in two different ways: Hot Break and Cold Break. The products obtained, will show different features: Cold Break products will have a “fresher” and slightly sour flavour, close to that of fresh tomato, meanwhile Hot Break will have a sweeter taste. Another difference is in viscosity: Hot Break paste is much “thicker” than Cold Break at the same concentration level. These different features coeme from the higher Pectin content of Hot Break products. Pectin is a natural thickener present in fruit as well as in tomatoes, Hot Break process preserve it, making impossible the chemical reaction that, in Cold Break products, destroy it.

Hot Break process consists in injecting a small quantity of fresh tomato juice into a great volume of juice at high temperature, “flash” bringing the juice to requested temperature, after a very short permanence at high temperature, juice goes to evaporators, for concentration process. The quick temperature increase is responsible of natural tomato Pectin preservation and the short time of process avoid the “cooked” taste of resulting product. There are several Hot Break line manufacturers, Von Felten SpA choose the Eldorado line, from Rossi & Catelli, worldwide leader in tomato processing machinery. This line guarantee a production of ot Break tomato paste and half concentrate showing the highest level of viscosity, keeping the typical flavour and colour of fresh tomato.