Diced Tomato Production Line

polpa di pomodoro

Diced Tomato Production Line started processing product with 2002 crop. This modern line is centred on a Cavalieri peeling system and upon a high number of electronic sorting equipments to assure highest production standardization as well as total control of foreign matters in finished product. Peeling system is mechanical, to guarantee efficiency, indipendently by raw material conditions, differently by thermo-physical systems, effected by fresh tomato variations due to weather conditions. After first washing, tomatoes are sorted by a Protec electronic equipment, to take out foreign bodies like branches, pieces of wood, etc... After first sorting, tomatoes pass through a sieve, allowing to accept only the ones showing the right size adopted to process.

After sieving (calibration), a new electronic sorting, supervised by human eye, take out all non-red tomatoes (green, orange, yellow and partly black). Tomatoes are then quickly heated, to favourize skins detachment, surface is cut and a skins-picking line take out skins. Another electronic sorting plus visual inspection assure that all tomatoes are peeled, pieces are cut into 15 mm dices, a Lince sorting device eliminates all dices showing part of stalks and drained dices are then added with tomato juice Hot Break, in order to avoid syneresis. Product obtained is then sterilized in special line for diced (mechanically more gentle than the ones for paste), metal detected and then aseptically filled by Rossi & Catelli Macropak systems.