Aseptic Filling Products

Von Felten SpA is a reference among aseptic tomato preserves manufacturers. Production of Paste, Half concentrates and Pulps reach the highest quality levels, thanks to a choice of right raw materials, but also to the efficiency and know-how developed in over 50 years experience. The evaporators by Rossi & Catelli, handled by skilled personnel are able to produce tomato preserves with the same high quality of the raw material used. To these feature must be added the fully digitalized sterilization equipments which guarantee health and safety of the products.

At the end of this cycle, products are packed in aseptic bags, contained into solid steel drums, for the better product storage and protection. Aseptic filling line is also from Rossi & Catelli, the worldwide leader, composed by three separate lines of two heads each, allowing filling, without interruption, from sterilization to sealed bags. These lines shown in the years their reliability and effectiveness, bringing to a perfect sensorial quality of products, together with an excellent rate of discarded drums ( less than 1 on 1.000), without effect on the user, because every drum is anyway checked before shipment. All these care: a “sweet” concentration, a “delicate” sterilization and a safe packaging, give to Von Felten SpA tomato preserves so high quality level to be considered as a standard.