History of Von Felten

Established in the Fifties by Erminio and Oscar Von Felten and located in Parma, our Company was born as a tomato paste factory, producing all standard tomato products for a number of major clients, Nestle’ and Unilever among them. But even since the start of our activity , we gained the market consideration for the particular technology we worked out in the production of tomato powder, a product whose high quality standards grant us the steady partnership of world-wide known industrial buyers of the sector. In a ten-years time, being firmly present on the domestic and international markets, our Company faced a completely new industrial commitment: the production of dehydrated vegetables, a product under strong demand by the dehydrated soups manufacturers such as the CPC-Knorr, Nestle’ and Unilever groups.

In the Sixties, the dehydration factory opened at San Lorenzo in Campo, in Central Italy, an ideal area for the vegetables growing. Our production started with tomato flakes, shortly after followed by green cabbage, white cabbage, cauliflower, courgettes, and aubergines. A large plan of substantial investments in the Eighties brought our plants and technologies up to date with most modern requirements of quality control system, in a modernization trend we are maintaining yet with maximum care and with the support of our experience.

Today, our new factory in Parma can process about 2.000 ton/day of fresh tomatoes, transforming them into a wide range of products for industrial use. Our specialty is the Super Hot Break technology, for the production of semi-concentrates and as basic product for Spray Dried tomato manufacturing. In 1992 a NIRO spray-dry line replaced the traditional roller drums driers, achieving the goal of a better quality and standardization of products. In 2001 a brand new line for tomato diced production have been implemented in the same site, using the mechanical peeling technology to guarantee the best results even in years when fresh tomato quality does not fit perfectly to this production.

In 2008 the air drying lines have been moved to the new Parma factory, with the aim of rationalizing the productions and take advantage of the wonderful agricultural resources of the area surrounding the factory, also because of the close relationship Von Felten SPA has with growers of the region, in some case cooperating with us since the ‘50s. In the Parma factory a staff of 23 people is active, with peaks of 120 units during the tomato crop during the summer. Company’s turnover is about 14 millions Euro, 85 % of which exported to various countries, mainly in Europe, but also in USA and the Far East.

In 2013 Von Felten SpA was acquired by Rodolfi Mansueto SpA: with this operation the Rodolfi Group becomes leader in Italy in the production of tomato powder and dried vegetables. It also differentiates its business - Von Felten operates in the fresh vegetables transformation sector - and strenghtens its export orientation.