prodotti dolciari gelatina di albicocca passata di albicocca

Confectionery Products

Von Felten SpA has a long tradition dating back over forty years in the production of jellies both for the pastry craft and for industrial use.

The production in small quantities, made ​​with care that characterizes these productions, differentiates Von Felten's products from those of the mass production of large volumes.

The exclusive use of granulated sugar, instead of the less valuable glucose syrup, combined with the choice of quality fruit and the use of natural pectin leads to the result, recognizable by the unmistakable flavor and the unique characteristics of workability and pastry held at baking.

The irrelevant percentages of preservatives can be maintained thanks to the high concentration of the natural sugars contained in the product, which provide the best shelf life and the stability in time of the organoleptic characteristics.

Apricot Jelly

  • Only selected Apricot puree
  • Original mixture of pectins of high quality
  • Crafty care in the production
  • Aroma and delicate flavor
  • Excellent transparency
  • Optimum air-tight
  • Can be used both with brush and with hot spray machines

Products are packaged in 12.5 Kg pails.

Apricot Puree

  • Only the best quality fruit
  • Granulated and refined sugar only
  • Crafty care in the production
  • Excellent aroma and flavor
  • Can be used both for stuffing and for pies
  • Maximum spreadability
  • No bubbles and no dripping
Products are packaged in 12.5 Kg pails.